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Princess Briana & Super CJ Bundle

Princess Briana & Super CJ Bundle

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Our characters (Princess Briana & Super CJ) appeal to audiences around the world through books, half-hour cartoons, and animated movies.

The Princess Briana book is a fun, exciting, and inspiring fairytale that touches young girls like no other princess story. She has wealth, a castle, and a wonderful family but her next adventure will challenge and push Princess Briana to her limits in ways she never imagined.

Princess Briana is a very entertaining engaging fairytale that will surely make this story your child’s favorite.

And it doesn’t stop there! Super CJ is a story about a 12-year-old boy who is chosen to be a superhero and given superpowers to save the world from the greatest evil humankind has ever faced.

Super CJ becomes the strongest boy in the world but loses his powers in the middle of a huge battle. The Adventures of Super CJ is an epic battle between good and evil that will incorporate lessons to help teach your child about making good decisions.

Our unique characters use the power of storytelling to entertain and empower children! If you’ve ever been frustrated by the lack of uplifting content for children of color… these are the books you’ve been looking for!

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