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Just Like Me Series (Black History dating back 6,000 years) 118 pages

Just Like Me Series (Black History dating back 6,000 years) 118 pages

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Hey! Do you have children or know someone with children?

Great, they need these's why, I'll make it quick:

We're losing the battle! If you're like me, or any person of color on my team, you didn't naturally grow up feeling beautiful, confident, or self-assured.

Personally, I didn't know if I would make it this far.

The reality is the world didn't appreciate black or brown children nor did it care to share how important, creative, or powerful our youth can be when given an image of hope and inclusion.

This mom is shocked by what she finds inside the Just Like Me Series!

Before we got to where the world is today, back in 1996 is when Just Like Me Inc. started telling these stories. They were designed to help children build self-esteem, character, and purpose. And boy did it!

Our content is sold-out at bookstores and hit radio airwaves and interviews nationwide while getting testimonials of children believing in themselves, feeling empowered, and seeing the beauty in themselves and their skin came flooding in.

So, of course, we wrote more and the books got better and better. And the best part - was creating this change in young children (ages 5-12).

One parent shared:

"This was one of the best new princess stories I have read. I purchased it for my daughter (2) to have in her book collection. I read the story and immediately wanted to purchase books for every little girl that I knew."

Oops! I said I would make this quick, sorry I get passionate about this topic. So, let me end with this...we didn't create these stories to sell graphics (trust us, there's no money in books), we did it because my kids, your kids, and the world's kids needed it.

Times are changing but I look around and only see 1 black fictional princess on movie screens. Even after 14+ years, the work has only just begun.

Give your child or someone else's the tools they need to break through too - and that starts with reading books and seeing themselves in media.

Oh almost forgot, below is what is in this bundle. Look forward to hearing the difference it makes, send us a message when the children read it - we want to hear from you (:

Get 3 of our most popular children's coloring activity books for the price of 1! The Just Like Me Series is a combination of three different books designed to make learning black history a fun activity.

  • The Beginning of Civilization
  • How African American Inventions Changed America
  • Coloring Book of Careers

The Just Like Me Series has received media attention from the CBS News affiliate in Washington DC, BET, five nationally syndicated radio shows, and over 60 other media outlets from around the country for the success the series has had with inspiring children. The Just Like Me Series is an exciting journey through Black history from the beginning of scientific discoveries like mathematics and architecture to the gas mask that now saves millions of lives every year. The Just Like Me Series also has a bonus section about how children's favorite hobbies can turn into rewarding future careers.

Here is one of the success stories from our customer,

"I purchased the Just Like Me Series for my nephew. At first, I thought he wouldn't enjoy them, seeing as how they are educational in nature. Boy, was I wrong!! Not only did he enjoy them, he became excited about learning more about black history. The Just Like Me Series is the perfect way to educate our children about Black History using their own creativity and curiosity." — S. King, Maryland.

The Just Like Me Series has proven to inspire African American children to read and it also helps raise their self-esteem. All the Black History facts contained in the Just Like Me Series have been gathered from reputable sources like the US Patent Office, The Washington Post, and Newsweek.

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